Agency Staff

Spokane Clean Air staff provide administrative and clerical support, compliance and business assistance, education and outreach, and engineering and technical services. Our organization chart can be found here

To contact by phone, dial (509) 477-4727, then enter the extension number of the staff member you wish to reach, from the list below. If you prefer email, please use their first initial and last name


Julie Oliver, Executive Director, ext. 121
Amy Fanning, Finance & Human Resources Section Manager, ext. 116
Mary Kataoka, Administrative Assistant, Public Records Officer, ext. 100
Debbie Riley, Administrative Assistant, ext. 117 

Air Monitoring and Forecasting

Mark Rowe, Monitoring Section Manager, ext. 113
Mike McKay, Air Quality Technician, ext. 112


Lisa Woodard, Communications/Outreach Section Manager, ext. 115
Stephanie May, Public Information Specialist, ext. 125


Lori Rodriguez, Compliance Section Manager, ext. 102
Derek Aubrey, Inspector II, ext. 120
Brandy Dickinson, Inspector II, ext. 101
Deirdre Fitzgerald, Inspector II, ext. 108
Russ Neumiller, Inspector II, ext. 104 
Vaughn Roadruck, Inspector I, ext. 106


April Westby, PE, Supervisory Engineer, ext. 105
John Conklin, EIT, Air Quality Engineer, ext. 107
Joe Southwell, PE, Air Quality Engineer, ext. 103

Information Technology Specialist

Carl Gross, ext. 110

Rule Writer/SIP Planner

Margee Chambers, Rule Writer/SIP Planner, ext. 114