Notice of Construction Permits

Notice of Construction (NOC) permits are required prior to the construction, installation, replacement or modification of air contaminant sources, emissions units or air pollution control equipment in Spokane County. Spokane Clean Air maintains lists of NOC and NOI applications received for public review and comment.  

Applying for an NOC Permit

Permit application forms are available for specific types of operations, otherwise a general NOC form is available.  Completed forms and accompanying information, along with the base fee, and the SEPA Checklist (if required) must be mailed or delivered to Spokane Clean Air’s office. What is SEPA?

Application Review

Once Spokane Clean Air receives the NOC permit application and accompanying information, a 15-day public notice is posted on the agency’s webpage, and staff reviews the project to ensure that all applicable local, state and federal air pollution regulations are addressed. After the review, a draft NOC approval will be sent to the applicant, detailing approval conditions and deadline for notifying the agency of any concerns with meeting the approval conditions. A final NOC permit is issued with an invoice for the review fees. The entire process typically takes 30-60 days after receipt of complete application. More complex NOC reviews can take 90 days or more.

Ways to keep costs down on NOC/NOI reviews:

SRCAA offers  free business assistance services and is available to review a project or draft NOC/NOI application prior to submittal.  Contact SRCAA prior to the submittal of an NOC/NOI application to schedule a meeting to review your project.