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Burn Restrictions

Burning Restrictions


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Outdoor Burning Rules

Wood Heating Rules

More Details on Burn Bans and Exemptions to Burn

Idaho DEQ Burn Information

Outdoor Burning

Recreational fires are allowed in Spokane County as long as these requirements are being met.

Please note: During fire danger season most recreational fires are restricted by local fire officials. As we are made aware of any restrictions, we will list them on this page. Fire danger season can vary year to year depending on conditions. That said, it is typically July - October. 

For information on other types of outdoor burning in Spokane County, click here.

Restrictions issued by the Washington State Department of Natural Resouces are listed by county here.

Wood Heating

Wood heating season has ended. From October 1 through March 31, restrictions issued for indoor wood heating will be listed here. For more information on wood heating requirements in Spokane County, click here. 


Stay Informed

An easy way to stay informed of local burn restrictions is to subscribe to the "Burn Ban" email service. Subscribe here. 


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